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Maybe you've heard about 3D lashes. How about 25 mm lashes? 3D and 25mm lashes are trending in the 20s. These aren't anything like those old school lashes that are too fat and heavy on your eyelid. You know the kind—that makes it an effort to keep your eyes all the way open. Bedroom eyes are one thing, but that's not the look you want today.


Buy 3D lashes online and you can try out a variety of styles that range from classic natural beauty to red hot sex kitten. 3D and 25 mm lashes take your eyes to another level. Forget wearing mounds of mascara trying to plump up your lashes. You are never going to get more lashes with mascara. The way to fuller lashes is the gorgeous mink 3D and 25mm lashes you apply over your own.


Take a look at our collection at TME Cosmetics. Our 3D, Manifest, mink lashes boast thick rows of individual lashes in alternating lengths, giving you a youthful appearance with fluttery, natural-looking lashes. 25mm lashes are extra-long 3D lashes. If you want to go glam, then make sure you pick up a pair of these gorgeous, Hollywood-style 25mm lashes.

One of the best things about mink is how long the 3D and 25mm lashes last. With the right care, you can wear them up to 25 times. That means you're getting real value when you buy 3D lashes online. Our collection at TME Cosmetics is affordable enough to allow you to have a pair of beautiful lashes for all occasions. After all, you might want a sexier look for the evening than for daytime wear. Now you can switch it up.


Buy 3d lashes online at TME Cosmetics and have fun with your lashes.

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