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Old fashioned false eyelashes are synthetic versions of the long lashes we lust after. To have natural looking lashes, you need to go with mink. Imagine giving up mascara to opt for something new that makes your eyes more beautiful with natural dark, full and fluttery lashes. There's no comparison to the look and feel. Light-weight mink lashes are easy to wear and have the perfect curl. If you're searching for natural lashes online then you'll want to check out the mink lashes at TME Cosmetics. And for drop-dead gorgeous lashes, try the hottest trend right now, 3-D mink lashes.


We have lash accessories online, too. It takes a little practice to get your lashes to sit just right. The thing that makes placing them easier is also one of the most necessary lash accessories you'll need. Our Eyelash Applicator Tweezer holds the lash steady as you gently lay it on your lid. Once you've added these lash accessories, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Not only that but with the right care, you can wear natural lashes that you get online up to 25 times. That means the natural lashes online that you buy can last for almost a month. Clean the band where the glue builds up, every other time you wear them by removing the glue with your fingers and wiping them down with a damp cotton cloth. Don't soak them or use any detergent or alcohol-based removers instead use our Lash bath containing no sulphate.


Our collection of lash accessories and natural lashes online at TME Cosmetics is affordable enough so you can have a pair of beautiful lashes for all occasions. With all of the gorgeous styles, you'll have a hard time choosing just one. Now you can switch it up.

Finding natural lashes online just got easier. Get yours.

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