Covid Precaution

The health and safety of our customers and employees remains our number one priority. We are  closely monitoring updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding the COVID-19 situation.

TME Cosmetics will remain loyal to it`s members and of such regular business continues per usual.

Orders will be shipped within a timely manner.(See Store Policy) Products will continue to be produced in a sanitary environment and packaged as such. 


TME Cosmetics urges it`s customers to wash and sanitize hands thoroughly throughout the day. Also, after receiving your packages, ensure you disinfect the outside of your package and wash hands after. Remember your packages are passed from one hand to another during the shipping process.

As usual if you encounter any issues be sure to contact us immediately at or


She is a college graduate with a Bachelors in Social work and currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration. Toni-Ann Eccles is an ambitious, hardworking, risk taker who decided to take a leap of faith.


TME Cosmetics started in 2019 as a cosmetic brand specializing in lipgloss and lashes. As the market became over saturated, the company was not progressing as Toni-Ann expected despite the hardworking and dedication. Toni-Ann has always been passionate about skincare. She then decided to begin formulating body scrubs.


As the years progressed, in 2021, TME Cosmetics began offering a complete body care line targeting customers with dark spots, hyperpigmentation and dry skin amongst other skin issues. TME Cosmetics now offers body lotions, body butters, body scrubs, soaps, body oils amongst other products.

In 2021, TME Wholesale made over $100,000 in revenue. TME Cosmetics and Wholesale have now been relocated to a warehouse providing exemplary customer service and high quality products to its customers.

TME Cosmetics continues to stay trendy by keeping up with the different seasons by providing an assortment of fragrance oils while gathering feedback from customers.

Stay tuned for our skin condition skincare line. We will be offering anti-aging, acne fighting, skin lightening, rebalancing, moisturizing and rejuvenation products. In addition to this, we will be offering various skincare bundles suitable for daycare and night repair use.