Vegan Face Scrubs

  Vegan Face Scrubs for Natural Skin Care

It's no news that there are far too many skincare, makeup, and hair care products on the market that contain harmful ingredients. However, natural skincare is at the top of many consumers' minds. The thing is that it's challenging sifting through all of the information to know the difference between natural, organic, or vegan. If you're searching for vegan face scrubs then you want to check the ingredients. What's more, most organic and vegan face scrubs have some preservatives and if they don't you can expect a shorter shelf life.


Take a look at our line of vegan face scrubs, at TME Cosmetics. We use organic ingredients with no GMO, and our products are 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. Not only that, but our natural skincare vegan face scrubs come in scents that everyone will love, such as our Warm Lavender Face Scrub with cane sugar, Lavender essential oils, Raw shea butter, and Vitamin E oil. You can use this face scrub all over, too. The cane sugar contains alpha hydroxy acids that help remove toxins, dirt, and germs leaving your skin feeling refreshed and supple.


If you're searching for an anti-aging vegan face scrub, don't miss out on our Grapeseed Anti-Aging Face Sugar Scrub. The Grapeseed oil contains polyphenols that work with the natural cleaning agent in the sugar to fight premature aging. Polyphenols can also reduce signs of aging, by lightening sun spots, and decreasing fine lines, and wrinkles. We also carry lemon sugar, cocoa sugar, coffee, and oatmeal honey scrubs.


You can see that you have plenty of natural skincare options and a variety of vegan face scrubs to choose from here at TME Cosmetics. Plus we update our product lines regularly with fresh organic ingredients that promise healthier skin care options for you. Try one of our vegan face scrubs today and feel the difference.

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